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Fibre & Cloth

Alpaca is a luxury fibre that has been used in the UK since the 1800’s but has dropped off the radar in recent decades. With a softness akin to cashmere and the most beautiful natural lustre we only use fibre that is below 23 microns, which means that you get that luxurious softness rather than the scratchiness that is associated with sheeps wool.

Alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin so many of customers who are allergic to sheeps wool find it to be hypoallergenic and suitable for them. We would always advise those with allergies to test some of the cloth against their skin first.

British Made Alpaca Suits
British Made Alpaca Suits
British Made Alpaca Suits

All our cloth is made from undyed fibre so until we unlock the secrets of how to breed an electric blue alpaca we can’t offer you this but what we can offer is a totally natural cloth made from the 23 different shades of alpaca fibre and any colours we can make from blending these.

As a specialist breeder of black alpacas we buy in fibre from other UK breeders that we have worked with, and often competed in the show ring against, for years. As such, we can guarantee the quality and care that goes into the raising of every animals fleece we use.

Shearing happens once a year and with our focus on quality we produce short runs of cloth each year. This means you are getting a truly special garment and once our cloth is gone then that’s it until next years shearing. In fact, due to the blending process no two runs, even of the same cloth, will be entirely identical.

For those who want a truly unique cloth then we are happy to discuss exclusive runs.